Web Design Questions

Basic Questions

How long does a website take to create?

This is a very good question. We cannot answer. It depends on a few factors. One being the content, do we supply content, or you have all content for every page ready. This is rare and this can prolong projects. We can create a website in a day and day for stress testing. If we have to find content we will source the best for your business needs. This takes time, therefore projects can take up to two days to a week. Or even a month for online stores, digital download and pay etc. You can rest assured that your website will be robust, intelligent, and user friendly.

Can You add my own images to the website?

Yes, we want the website to be yours. Not what our skills limits us too. We are called Goldmine because of our knowledge in web design and online media. You show us a website you would like yours to be like in user experience and we will work our magic and come up with maybe even better.

How can I submit content to you?

Easy you will have a email address for web designer and telephone number. We encourage that contact be made by phone but content either posted to us on a USB stick or via email. Over the years we work very closely with email for creating websites. Reason being on the phone people can forget requests. When requests are sent via email you cannot forgot to read your bullet pointed email, but you can conversation on a phone. Therefore via email or USB stick you can submit content.

I have no content for my website?

Fine. All we need is contact email, domain, and telephone number. We will take instructions on what type of business sector your business falls under then we will source the highest quality content to represent your business. Please note this can make project live dates to be pushed back. We will let you know by how long before the 50% deposit is paid.

Do You Create Backups of Websites?

100% yes.
Problems happen, its impossible to stop hackers, hardware failures or simple human error, to protect against this its essential to have regular backups of your website. All our maintenance packages include monthly, weekly or daily backups stored on the robust and reliable server networks.

If something should go wrong we can restore your site at no cost to you.

Domain & Hosting

Do You Help with Hosting?

We host sites our on UK based servers which are monitored 24/7. Each server ensuring maximum performance and using the latest server technology ensures fast performing sites.

Hosting is optional, if you prefer to keep your site hosted with your existing provider thats fine, but if you'd like to save some costs its there if you'd like to use it.

I Do Not Have a Domain Name?

No worries we have you covered just have your new business name. We will even help in creating a really buzz domain which really helps online. Your mobile and desktop website can be viewed via your new domain.

I Have a Domain Name?

No worries again we can link your current domain to our new website we create. Your mobile and desktop website can be viewed via your domain.

Does Hosting Take Long to Setup?

No hosting can be setup within the day.

How Long Does it Take for My Website to Show?

Well on our hosting sameday. If you have us work on other platforms we are not sure on uptime in regards to servers.

SSL Security

What's SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and the https protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser. Typically, SSL is used to secure credit card transactions, data transfer and logins, and more recently is becoming the norm when securing browsing of social media sites.
Its increasily important to ensure your website is secure, Google even rank sites who have SSL (https://) enabled on their site higher. Our Pro and Plus maintenance packages include an SSL certifcate to ensure your site content is encrytped when viewed by any visitor and can be added as an extra to our Basic and Standard packages.

Our monitoring system keeps track of the SSL certificate to ensure it remains active and any mixed content issues are resolved.

Will my website have SSL Encryption?

100% yes. All our websites come with SSL platforms to secure visitors information and data when visiting your website.

Does SSL Encryption cost alot?

No. You require SSL encryption when selling online, allowing download content, taking visitors personal information. This is to secure that the information submitted is protected from hackers and crimnals. Goldmine IT Support strongly recommended SSL encryption for any website.

How Long Does it Take to Integrate SSL Encryption?

Not long at all the integration will not create down time for website. Goldmine can even secure and integrate websites already online. So our website refresh service will integrate SSL encryption if the website does not have so already. If we create your website then your website goes live with SSL encryption already integrated.

Website Maintenance

I Have a Website Already?

Great, if you cannot find old web designer, or you like a refresh, or upgrade in looks and features we can help. We will take content from old website and create a desktop website and a mobile micro version for visitors on the go. We require old website website address and access to backend of website if this is needed for the project. These projects turn around are quiet quick as the full content or at least 70% is in our hands. Please contact us for more information.

What CMS Platforms Do You Work On?

Most famous CMS content managment system like Wordpress, Joomla, Square Space, Wix, just to name a few. We love to hear your ideas so let us know and we can work out a excellent package for you to get online.

Do You Have a Maintence Service?

Our monthly website support provides time each month for us to help make updates to your website. Whether it be adding blog posts, changing existing web pages, image editing or fixing problems you let us know any issues you're having and we'll fix them. No one knows when something might go wrong, or a temporary issue can cause outages, thats why our Standard, Pro & Plus maintenance customers have their sites covered with our 24/7 monitoring.

Our monitoring system alerts us to issues within one minute of them happening meaning we can react and help to fix problems as soon as possible, without you needing to contact us.

I Have a Question Not Seen Here?

Our maintenance packages come with many features. The following explains the various options in more detail but if you would like to discuss your requirements please call us on 0207 582 6440 or email support@goldmine-it-support.co.uk for more information. If you have multiple sites or require other options we can tailor packages for individual clients, get in touch to discuss your requirements and read more below on the details of what we offer.

I Have Multiple Websites for Maintenance

If you have multiple sites or require other options we can tailor packages for individual clients, get in touch to discuss your requirements or call 0207 582 6440 or email support@goldmine-it-support.co.uk.

Website Refresh

Do You Do Website Refresh & Upgrade?

Yes we can overhaul your current website and content. If you dont have a robust mobile version all our website packages come with a mobile version and desktop version, for taking bookings, payments, paying for services. Let us know your ideas and goals.

How Long Does a Refresh of Website Take?

Quicker than normal service. Within two days design and two days stress testing, and SEO which can be done behind the scene when the website is live.

DO You Require a Deposit?

Yes, 50% for all web design work.


What type of payment do you take?

We accept cash, card, bank transfer, contactless, PayPal.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, our web design service carries a 50% upfront deposit. This is so we know you are commited to your project. Should the case be you need time to gather additional content, the work up until that point is paid. Once the project is complete and your website is online, you will pay the remaining 50%, which will then be the full payment. Some paper work has to be signed by you and us stating we are handing over the website, so you have full ownership.

What are you bank details?

We will furnish you with the bank details once we have an signed agreement of starting the project. If you have this agreement. Please contact us we will furnish you with correct bank details and reference to use to find payment.

Do you give a refund?

No. We work very close to the (PM) and their input is considered every step of the project, therefore if they are not happy with lets say the colour, layout, performance they state their concern which will be corrected before the final payment is made. As we work to the forumla very closely we rarely get requests for a refund, but if you are unhappy please contact us we can look into your concerns.

Logo Design

Do You Create Logos?

Yes, we can create high quality logos. We use the latest graphic design software on Windows and Apple computers these being illustrator, photoshop, indesign, fireworks just to name a few. We have a whole load of of the latest software at our finger tips for your project scope.

Can You Brand My New Logo?

Yes we can integrate any colour even your business colour in your logo. Also taglines you would like to integrate can be used in new logo.

How Long Does a Logo Take to Create?

Under a week.

Can My New Logo Be On My Website

Yes we can integrate our created logo or any logo you have for your business.

What is Branding?

Branding is a way of identifying your business. It is how your customers recognise and experience your business. A strong brand is more than just a logo; it's reflected in everything from your customer service style, staff uniforms, business cards and premises to your marketing materials and advertising.


Do You Add Websites to Google?

Yes, your website will be added to all major search engines. Robots search for new websites on a monthly, weekly, or twice a month. Therefore if your website is not showing straight away rest assured it will show as our SEO is been crafted over years.

How Long Will it Take for My Website to Show in Google?

It can take 1 week to 2 months. Google search and add every 8 weeks, when we submit your website will depend on when in this 8 weeks we have submitted it and for it to show in search engines.

Can My SEO Be Done and Website is Online?

SEO is updated regularly without website downtime. So yes.

Live Chat

Do You Have a Live Chat?

Yes. We have a Live Chat on the website with a very experience webmaster to help in any questions or web design service questions you may like to ask.

What times is Live Chat available?

Live Chat is available between the hours of 8am-7pm, Mon-Sat. Sunday by appointment only.

Can payment be made through Live Chat?

No. Live Chat is computer repairs & web design help only. All payments are made either in person or online via the website.

#Hashtag SEO

What is #Hastag SEO

We use intelligent experience and the famous #hastag to program SEO. And of course the normal way via Google etc. As mentioned that side of your SEO wont be touched at all, it will stand next to our service and strengthen further our skillset within this new way of programming SEO. This SEO can be intelligently targeted way more than todays SEO. We have not reinvented the wheel. But we may have found what the wheel rolled over.

So will this improve my ranking in Google?

Yes. As when a hastag is trending lets say 3million. You website will will have exposure to this 3million followers. Of course the hastag has to be trending for you website to see the benefits of #Hastag SEO.

Will my website have the #Hashtag SEO

This is added service. You can discuss scope of your website. Then we can give a better quote. We will need the hashtag(s) in question trending. Or let us know the sector of target audience and we can program your website.

Whats ghost #Hashtag SEO?

This is when a web page is programmed with hashtag(s) that cannot been seen by visitors or website users, but can be seen by Google search bots. Google search bots are small programs that crawl around the internet and when new websites or hashtags are added the bots add them to the search engine accordingly.

Does #Hashtag SEO cost alot?

No we quote accordingly and we can say that what we charge the return is greater. You can reach any amount of audience that todays SEO cannot reach. Let's face it nothing is bigger than the #Hashtag. This is a service worth adding if you like the SEO race. Be ahead with this smart way of programming.

Business Support

Do you have rates for business customers?

For business customers requiring ongoing support for their office computers, we offer the option of purchasing Prepaid Support Hours. Please contact us to tell us how much hours and type of support. If you require website support please see the FAQs in the web design section.