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Windows 11 Mess Cleanup

Microsoft has posted an excruciating 48 minute video where it explains, primarily to business costumes, what the Windows 11 hardware requirements are and why they exist. It is still, it seems, missing the point when it comes to home users and focusing on business, which is really a whole different market entirely.

For those who aren’t aware of the problems Microsoft has made for itself with Windows 11, it boils down the company’s laudable attempt to make the platform more secure. With this in mind, it is making a TPM mandatory. The Trusted Platform Module is a secure store which allows Windows to protect your desktop from malicious attacks, and it’s been standard on many computers for some time.

No problem, right? Well, not in theory. The problem is that a large percentage of computers will either have a motherboard that supports the TPM, but via a separate module that you’ll need to purchase, or via the processor itself. However in a lot of machines, the TPM may well be present, but it may not be turned on. This means users will need to faff about in their settings, and not the easy settings in Windows, the UEFI BIOS settings that require you mash the delete key when the PC is booting.

Microsoft tries to clear up Windows 11 mess
Microsoft tries to clear up Windows 11 mess

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