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SSD Drive Pros & Cons

We get many upgrade requests from our customers, but one of the more common in recent years is to upgrade their hard drive to a solid state drive (SSD) model. The benefits of these new generation of drives include silent operation, as the SSD drive is just a collection of memory chips with no moving parts. That also means it is more resilient to knocks and bumps than traditional hard disk drives (HDD), which use moving heads and spinning platters – not a great combination in a portable notebook, prone to being banged around.

Intel Solid State Drive
Intel Solid State Drive

Consisting of NAND flash memory chips, which keep their data even when the power is turned off, they also run faster than traditional drives that have to seek data then read it off the drive surface. That makes SSDs the drive of choice for many users, from data centre managers to gamers who want the best performance.

There is a price to pay for that speed, however, with smaller amounts of storage. The typical traditional hard drive is 1-terabyte or higher these days, whilst most consumer SSD drives only get up to 250 Gb, 500 Gb, even mega 2TB (as shown in image). They also cost a lot more, but for the improved performance and resilience they are well worth it, and prices are gradually falling.

Smasung 960 Pro 2TB SSD M.2
Smasung 960 Pro 2TB SSD M.2

Note that it is still possible for an SSD drive to fail, with its memory chips a flurry of electrical activity from all the data reading and accesses. So, don’t think you can ignore the time-honoured backing up tasks, but at least they are a lot easier with cloud storage and large USB memory sticks, helping to keep your vital data safe. Naturally, we can help copy all the data from your old hard disk on to your new SSD drive, so you’ll be good to go!

If you do still need a lot of storage space, then SSD/HDD combo drives are an option, putting a small SSD drive into an HDD case along with the traditional drive. Your PC will see two drives, and you can store the OS and vital data on the SSD, and other media files on the larger HDD. These are more expensive as you’d expect, but a good solution for users that want both performance and space.

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