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Improving Your Wi-Fi Signal

Few things are quite as frustrating as a stuttering Wi-Fi signal. Being thrown off the Internet mid-conversation, mid-video or, worst of all, mid-transaction can be exceptionally inconvenient, not to mention deeply annoying. Yet, before you blame your service provider, it is worth noting that there are a few steps you can take to boost your Wi-Fi at home.

TP-Link Standard Router with Anntena
TP-Link Standard Router with Anntena


Given it is central to an efficient home computing setup, the positioning of your router deserves as much attention as the positioning of your PC. Wi-Fi signals are actually not generally very strong and anything that can disrupt them will. Walls, furniture, doors, decorations, roofs – these are just a few of the things that could be blocking your signal’s path from the router to the computer.

To be sure you are maximising your router’s chances of communicating effectively with your work station, ensure there are no barriers of any kind between the two. If you want the strongest possible Wi-Fi all around your home, place the router as close to the centre as possible. Regardless of where it is, ensure your router is lying flat on a raised surface (i.e. not on the floor).


If you have your router in its optimal position but still get a bad signal, the issue may be with the antenna. The vast majority of routers will come with an omni-directional antenna, which fires out a signal in every direction across a very limited range. For a more focused signal, you should invest in a directional antenna. This means you will get a single, heavy blast aimed in one direction. The Wi-Fi in that target area will be superb, though it will be unattainable in the rest of the house.

Another option is to do a bit of DIY on your antenna. For example, fashioning a reflector out of tin foil (instructions can be found all over the web) can do a surprisingly effective job of increasing your signal. A far more reliable option, however, is to add a wireless repeater to your setup. This will relay your existing signal again and again, strengthening its reach across your home.

There are plenty of options available for somebody looking to boost their Wi-Fi signal. Consider these tips if you want to maximise the strength of the web in your home.

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