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Desktop or Laptop Computer?

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

When it comes to buying a computer these days, most models on the shelves are stylish and slim laptops. But if you want to do certain kinds of work, such as rendering, video editing, playing games or running a server, then a desktop PC remains preferable.

The large power supply of a desktop PC means it can run many more peripherals than a laptop, and the availability of impressive cooling options lets you run far more powerful processors and graphics cards, for incredible performance.

The main benefit of a desktop computer is the fact it is much easier to upgrade, with plenty of room in a standard tower case and lots of upgrade slots on the motherboard. Users can add more memory and disk space, or extra storage options like DVD writeable drives. It is also less hassle to add more memory, a faster graphics card and other features. Also, if a component fails, then it is easier for your local computer repair team to work out what the problem is, and replace the defective part.

Apple Desktop or Laptop - Read More
Apple Desktop or Laptop - Read More

Buyers of desktop computers can keep upgrading their base system over several years, while most laptop users will have to replace their machine when it stops meeting the user’s needs. Desktop users also have a greater range of expansion options, while laptop users are very limited when it comes to upgrading the memory, and there is little chance of a processor or graphics card upgrade.

Also, laptops are always limited by the heat they generate, with processors often throttled to stay cool. However, when it comes to taking a PC out and about, then a laptop is, of course, the only way to go.

Whatever your choice, for either business or home computing use, if you need advice before buying, check in with your local computer repair business and they can give you the best information on what to buy. If you need a powerful computer at home, remember that with cloud storage and desktop sharing, you can show live data or output from the desktop PC onto a laptop, so even though your main computer is on a desk at home, the data itself has become far more portable.

For more information on how we can help you keep your computer in great shape, or for advice on how to fix it if your computer is already in need of repair, call us at Goldmine IT Support Ltd today 0203 583 2650 or 07951 337 336.

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