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Computers for Gaming?

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Many people buy a home computer to do some writing, e-mailing and to browse the Internet. However, you will soon discover a whole world of games to play, either online, to download or in stores. The type of game you want to play will influence what sort of home computer system you need, or you may be able to upgrade your existing model.

Online games, played in a web browser or on Facebook, don’t require any special hardware. You can play them on the most basic of laptop or desktop computers, and all you need is a recent web browser installed. Social games like Candy Crush Saga and Dragon City often help get users of all ages into gaming, but many soon find there are more rewarding games out there.

Adventure and strategy games are often the most rewarding types of games that people get to play, solving puzzles, building cities or armies have been staples of PC gaming for decades. The latest editions of games like Civilization, Grim Fandango and many more will run on the most recent computers that feature a reasonably powerful graphics card.

Gaming Desktop & LG Screen
Gaming Desktop & LG Screen

If you find you have trouble playing these games, try turning down the details or resolution in the settings options, or ask us how to upgrade your PC. We can help recommend the best graphics card for your desktop computer, or help find ways to improve your laptop’s performance.

Top Gaming Laptop
Top Gaming Laptop

Finally, the biggest gaming experiences are the full 3D worlds offered by the likes of the recently released Fallout 4, the Call of Duty series and The Witcher 3. These games are designed to play on the very latest PCs and graphics cards. You can play them on a standard laptop, but will suffer from a very limited, slow-moving version of the game. Gaming-class laptops are one solution, but even these devices will be rapidly out of date and are often over-priced.

If you want to become a keen gamer, buying a gaming-class desktop computer system that you can upgrade from year to year is the best overall solution. We can help source the right machine for you and help keep it upgraded, as faster processors and memory come out that will help keep your gameplay fluid and amazingly beautiful.

For more information on how we can help you keep your computer in great shape, or for advice on how to fix it if your computer is already in need of repair, call us at Goldmine IT Support Ltd today 0203 583 2650 or 07951 337 336.

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