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Broken Laptop Screen

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Dropping a laptop can be the kiss of death for those fragile screens. The likelihood is that your device will receive damage to the electronic LCD or LED part of the display, broken glass on the front, or other damage caused through impact or shock. But despite looking thin and inaccessible, most laptop screens can be replaced by a professional.

Broken Laptop Screen - We Can Repair!
Broken Laptop Screen - We Can Repair!

Whilst it’s unlikely, laptop screens can also fail without being damaged, so your home computing time can rather abruptly come to an end. But again, a failed screen can be easily replaced even if your PC is out of warranty.

Broken Macbook Pro Screen - We Can Repair!
Broken Macbook Pro Screen - We Can Repair!

First up, if you have data to which you need immediate access and the screen isn’t working at all, check the ports around your laptop. Most have a VGA or HD-out connection, so you can plug it into a regular PC monitor or HDTV and (if the laptop didn’t suffer any other damage during the fall) boot it up and pull the files you need from the hard drive. You can copy them onto a USB memory stick and continue to work on them on another machine, whilst yours is being repaired.

Then you need to contact your local computer repair service. With so many types of monitor screens available, they may have to order a specific screen for your laptop, so expect it to take more than a day or two. If the bezel (the plastic around the screen) or hinge is also damaged, they are supplied separately from the screen, so will unfortunately add to the repair cost.

Note, if you have a very old laptop, then a replacement screen may not still be available. In some cases they can be replaced with a newer screen, but for really old models it might be time to find a replacement. However, your computer repair service can often help get all the data from your old hard drive and probably help recycle the old machine for you.

Whilst we always recommend taking great care with your laptop, and never carrying it around with the display open, it only takes one unfortunate bump to bring things crashing down. Although the damage can look dramatic, a repair is only a phone call away.

For more information on how we can help you keep your computer in great shape, or for advice on how to fix it if your computer is already in need of repair, call us at Goldmine IT Support Ltd today 0203 583 2650 or 07951 337 336.

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