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An Introduction to Bluetooth

In any home computing or digital media environment there are probably half a dozen Bluetooth devices, from your laptop to a wireless keyboard or headset, to your smartphone and tablet, to wireless speakers and much more. Bluetooth itself is just a short range radio system, similar to Wi-Fi but without the hub or router, for two or more devices to communicate directly.

Standard Bluetooth Icon
Standard Bluetooth Icon

Using any Bluetooth device generally means turning Bluetooth on (if on your notebook or smartphone, via a settings menu), and making a device discoverable, usually by pressing a button on the device (such as a home cinema sound bar, music speakers and so on). Once connected, you can then ‘send’ files, audio, or other data between the two devices.

There are lots of general uses of Bluetooth. Often it just saves wiring two devices together, helping to keep clutter down and keeping you mobile, as long as you stay within a 10 metre range (for most devices), and up to 100 metres for others. However, there are plenty of practical uses for the technology.

For example, recent keyboards like the Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 will let you type text into your PC, tablet and smartphone, and switch between them, all at the press of a button. That’s useful if you have a desk full of devices and are constantly diverting your attention between them.

The current Bluetooth standard is version 4.2, which is more energy efficient than previous versions and allows for faster data transfer. This makes it ideal for health monitors and other smart devices that are creeping into our lives, so if you’re not informed about Bluetooth, now is a good time to learn. When buying a Bluetooth device, Bluetooth “Smart Ready” products are usually always-on with devices like a PC or smartphone, while Bluetooth “Smart” devices are the gadgets designed to send data from time to time, and try to preserve battery power for as long as possible.

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