Multilingual Websites


Building a Multilingual Website

Offering content in several languages can add many new layers of complexity to web design. Translating articles is only the first hurdle; structuring a multilingual website can be pretty difficult. To help you get it right, I’m going to offer up some tips, and share some of our experiences at Tuts+ for going multilingual.

A multilingual website is useless without the ability to change languages. Oftentimes you’ll find multilingual websites use a dropdown, placed top-right on the page (for left-to-right content the top left corner is more suitable). You might also find switchers in the footer (the approach that choose). Whichever pattern you go for, make sure that the dropdown is easy to see and access.

Certain websites redirect users to the homepage when they switch languages. This can be confusing, because users then have to find the page again. To keep your visitors happy, wherever possible make sure that they’re presented with the same (translated) page when they switch languages. Goldmine IT translate the same page so end users won't get confused during their visit.

Detecting Default Lanugage
Want to set a default language for first time visitors? It’s possible to detect the user’s language and automatically show the page in the user’s preferred language. However, don’t hide the other options, in case the user wants to switch.

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