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Famous # & Link Building SEO (Hashtag SEO) (the first to offer our customers, it works)

So you have SEO on your lovely website. Great. We wont even go near that SEO as its not needed by us at all and what we can bring to your business will be today's SEO but on steroids. Therefore your current SEO, Adwords, keywords etc will help with our service?


Now there is a way to actually drive way more traffic we call traffic at Goldmine IT Ltd flood instead of traffic.

We use intelligent experience and the famous #hashtag to program SEO. And of course the normal way via Google etc. As mentioned that side of your SEO wont be touched at all, it will stand next to our service and strengthen further our your website SEO. This SEO can be intelligently targeted way more than today's SEO.


We have not reinvented the wheel. But we may have found what the wheel rolled over.

Goldmine IT Support Ltd are the FIRST to offer our website customers and business clients a very smart SEO we have learnt how to merge the famous # and link building. We are the first. And the results from clients is amazing. How does it well we link build around the # within your website. So if a # is trending by 243m, your website will be among these online users.


We go further and using our know how this can be even more more intelligent and we have just given you a number and crumb of what we can actually do.

Goldmine IT Support Ltd & Wix's Platform

A credit to Wix platform for us to actually be able to integrate what we do within their websites. Ladies & gentlemen what we do on the Wix platform, ensures the sky is the limit. And we can ensure your online presence will be in concert audience wise more than you believe, in life we can learn from a mistake, eureka moments happen and the rest is history.


We can actually target your most targeted audience in turn driving, no, flooding traffic to your website. On top of this we can target your competitors audience via the hashtag programming. Your website, we can program by certain pages and omit the rest. Or we can program the pages your require to trend.


And we already know no one is bigger than the hashtag at the moment. We are the lion you can trust, read further if you feel our service can help your business or website.

Search Engine Optimization comprises of 100’s of individual components, and by bringing this together under an SEO Strategy that is designed around your business or personal needs, its audience and your market, we can build effective SEO campaigns that deliver results for our clients websites.

Our experts are ready to help your business or ideas succeed online today right now!


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Detailed Website Analysis

Improve your websites online presence and reach your target audience online.


We offer a FREE initial SEO analysis of your current website, but always commence our SEO works with a detailed SEO Audit to ensure we understand the current state of play of your current website and focus our efforts on delivering results in the right areas so to reinforce your current SEO.

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