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Windows 11

You worried about the new Windows 11 and how to upgrade without moving one file. Give us a call on 0203 583 2650 or 07951 337 336. We are open 24 hours so keep us in mind.

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hard drive recovery

Data Recovery is the process of retrieving data from damaged, failed or corrupted computers. Data is being retrieved from different storage devices such as hard disk drives & SSDs. Then this data is stored on a usb, computer, laptop so your workflow can continue without losing impotant files & documents.


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I wanted a 2nd website for my clinic and after my first meeting I had my first draft within a couple of days. All changes and refinement were done timely and correctly. Goldmine IT Support Ltd is very good with communication and always comes up with great ideas. The fees are competitive and very reasonable. Goldmine IT Support has been a good choice.


Goldmine IT Support was very professional - arrived early and sorted my printer problem.


They were also very helpful in explaining what they did. I'd definitely hire them again.


Goldmine IT Support was very professional with fixing my old apple G5 computer and my Macbook Pro laptop. Goldmine IT Support Ltd I would recommend them to anyone who is having a tough time with their Apple computers.

Laptop Screen Replacement

Professional laptop screen replacement:

- Black Screen of Death (BSOD)
- Lines going through screen
- Screen flickering
- Screen going on and off
- Screen damage via dropping
- Screen damage via object damage
- Dead pixel screen replacement
- Screen plastic bezel damage
- Screen accidental electric shortage

Laptops Covered:

Acer, Toshiba, Dell, HP, and others.

Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air. Please have serial number & year of model so we can better obtain your model screen.


We Got You Covered!

Goldmine IT Support Ltd, are proud to announce we have now partnered with Hiscox Underwriting Ltd who on our behalf provide 
Public liability insurance up to the sum of £2,000,000. So working with Goldmine IT Support Ltd in the event of any issues will have you covered for up to £2,000,000. After all we are problem solvers and not problem creators.

Hiscox Underwriting Ltd
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